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I Thought I was Over This

“People tend to think of recollections as fading over time, but memories grow like manuscripts being revised. In remembering, we add and fill in—and the more often you remember something, the more you change it, by committing to memory your own imaginative acts of recall.” Joshua Rothman, New Yorker article “Every time you remember something, […]

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Getting Rid of the Stigma

The technical definition of the word “stigma” is “a mark of infamy, a mark of disgrace.” And one of the greatest (perhaps the greatest) stigmas in our society exists in the area of mental health, with struggles like addiction, depression, and certainly suicide. A discussion of the subject of suicide brings about strong reactions, sometimes […]

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When Sex is Just a Drug

“Those who come together in the night time and entwine in swaying delight perform a serious work and gather up sweetness, depth, and strength for the song of some poet that is to be, who will rise to speak of unspeakable bliss.” Rilke “High on love darling we don’t need to take drugs. Put away […]

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