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I Thought I was Over This

“People tend to think of recollections as fading over time, but memories grow like manuscripts being revised. In remembering, we add and fill in—and the more often you remember something, the more you change it, by committing to memory your own imaginative acts of recall.” Joshua Rothman, New Yorker article “Every time you remember something, […]

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Grief and Grieving

The process of grieving is often misunderstood in our culture. I believe this is partly due to the “instant” processes we have created and now expect in our living. We promote fast answers, easy solutions, quick fixes for problems and pain. I understand the benefits that can come from certain functions being swift; however, there […]

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Joining Others on Their Grieving Journey

A man loses his beloved wife after her long and courageous battle with cancer. A woman’s husband divorces her in order to be with another woman. A man is fired from his job months before his retirement after many years of faithful service. A congregation loses its pastor after he has an affair with the […]

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The Voice of Grief

The Winter Solstice coupled with the beginning of a new year always makes me feel nostalgic and retrospective. Maybe it is the mental scrap booking of my life or cold air that hangs about but I always feel called to take a deeper look into the depths of my own soul. As I ponder a […]

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