Connecting with our community, preparing them for what lies ahead, and working through present issues is a primary focus for TRI. A team of highly experienced therapists, trained professionals, and coaches have put together crucial educational tools to meet the wide range of needs those serving cross-culturally and ministerially might have.

Our staff has spent hours preparing for the needs of those serving overseas and in a local ministry context. Implementing educational type events into the established agencies programs assures the emotional and psychological needs of each person are attended to. Below are educational tools TRI provides:

  • Two day to week-long retreats for preparation and debriefing transitions for missionaries, church planters, and aid workers.
  • One day seminars focused on the preparation of a cross-culture experience and for preventative pastoral or clerical burnout
  • Seminars focused on the needs and tools for healthy self care
  • Break out sessions that allow room for dialogue and processing
  • The providing of all material necessary to complete a successful retreat or seminar
  • Consulting services to research, develop and implement a complete member care program
  • Retainer services available