Getting Started


The Rest Initiative Team is both thrilled and privileged to join you in your local ministry endeavors or cross-cultural humanitarian efforts.

Our community was developed and staffed with your specific needs in mind. It is our commitment to provide confidential, proactive care and support knowing your wellbeing is vital to the accomplishment of your ministry goals and humanitarian aid efforts.

Working in ministry, church-planting, missions, and humanitarian aid will inevitably bring about a list of potential challenges including magnified personal struggles, cultural adjustment, stress and even burnout. Since your current job or upcoming assignment may inhibit you from the support you need in such a position, your organization has committed to offering you the best care and support available through our seasoned team of coaches and counselors.

By filling out the required fields in Step 2 you will begin the process of joining a community dedicated to serving you. Once submitted one of our dedicated team members will be contacting you within 48 hours.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. You are our priority and we are committed to your success.
With humble gratitude and anticipation,

With humble gratitude and anticipation,
Neal Salzman, Founder