Spiritual Formation Part 2; IJM VP Jim Martin, TRI Podcast Episode 009

On this episode of The Rest Initiative Podcast, we play part 2 of our interview with Jim Martin, IJM Vice President of Spiritual Formation. He discusses transition and how we make it through those vulnerable seasons. He also shares his vision for spiritual formation.

“The reality is we serve a god of justice that is making all things new, what that means is our best years are ahead of us.”

“If we look at Jesus’s life in the New Testament, the time of his most intense temptations are during times of transition. Interestingly, maybe it is true that in times of significant transition we too will be more vulnerable to temptation.”

“Everything I had been doing in the church was geared towards activating people in their faith. So in the IJM world [where] you already have highly active people, [they] need resources to process; the disciplines of the activist.”

“We should not necessarily see ourselves as doing this extreme work, on some level we are just being the church.”

Brittany Vergara

Neal Salzman


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