The Effects of Serving in the Anti-Human Trafficking Industry,’ Episode 20

In Episode 20 of The Rest Initiative podcast, Brittany and Neal talk about the emotional and physical effects of being employed by an anti-human trafficking organization. They do this by discussing their time at the Together event and specifically the counseling center that Neal had the privilege of being a part of.

The Together event was the IJM global staff gathering outside of Dallas Texas. It was an amazing event where for the first time ever the entire IJM global staff came together from all the field offices around the world. They spent the week resting, playing and being encouraged from IJM senior leadership. It was a once in a lifetime event. Specifically, Neal and The Rest Initiative staff were asked to set up a counseling center to serve the staff of over one thousand. 

Brittany and Neal spend some time discussing who and what Neal saw that week. Also they talk about what He learned as a result of this great privilege.

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Neal Salzman

Brittany Vergara

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