Staff Distinctives

TRI employs only those therapists with the most advanced training and skills and have access to the most advanced resources. To maximize effectiveness and ensure efficiency, all TRI therapists possess three core qualities: endorsement, experience, and innovation.


All TRI therapists are masters level educated at an accredited educational institution. TRI therapists are licensed by the state in which they reside as mental health or marriage and family counselors. TRI therapists also hold supervision credentials in order to ensure accountability and oversight. Endorsements for the therapists not only come from state certification and accreditation agencies but also community organizations, school boards, doctors, churches, and former clients. TRI is committed to providing the best care by employing the most credible, educated and endorsed providers.


TRI prides itself in being fully equipped to provide international care not only based on training and skills but experience as well. All therapists have numerous experiences both living and counseling in cultures other than their own. From short-term travel to long-term living, TRI therapists have first-hand experience in cross-cultural transitions and living. They have provided crisis training and therapy along with topic specific training all around the world.

TRI staff are also experienced therapists having years of successful work in areas of private practice, secondary education, not-for-profits, rehabilitation centers, conference speakers, consulting work, published writing and supervisory roles. This experience ensures the highest quality of care to clients with a wide range of needs.


TRI continues to discover what is proven but always asks the question of what is possible. Forward thinking and creativity are key features TRI therapists possess. As research becomes accessible and technology advances, staff care has the possibility of becoming more effective and efficient. TRI continues to pursue these advancements and to offer the most effective staff care possible.


Trauma and stress related events have a timing all their own. TRI coaches are committed to being available and equipped. They are capable of meeting the needs of their clients in real time on an as needed basis. With the use of technological advancements, coaches have the ability to make contact in the most remote places on the planet.