TRI @Grace Medical Home

TRI has the privilege of partnering with Grace Medical Home in Orlando, FL. The mission of Grace is to reflect the character and compassion of Christ by offering the highest level of medical care to those in their community who need it most. Grace will provide for the underserved residents, birth to age 65, of Central Florida who reside at or are below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.

The mission is not the only beautiful part of Grace but the staff is as well. Everyone, from the physicians and nurses to the hundreds of volunteers, create a family that extends a powerful love to all those who walk through the front doors. The staff serves the patients and each other as they continue to see lives change on a daily basis.

TRI has the privilege of walking alongside Grace as the leadership makes caring for their staff and volunteers a priority. Grace knows that keeping each of their staff emotionally and physically well is key to living out their mission every day. TRI has the privilege of leading Grace’s monthly staff meeting and facilitating their quarterly retreats.

Each time TRI interacts with the staff and volunteers at Grace, we are reminded how valuable maintaining staff care as a primary focus really is. Whether it is teaching on rest or proactively dealing with stress, TRI is committed to making sure Grace has the resources they need to have the highest quality of staff effectiveness, long term sustainability and overall healthy work environment.

TRI encourages everyone to take a look at the Grace website or go by for a tour. You will be blessed by the mission, the staff and the patients.

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