Coaching is our primary means of keeping our community connected and cared for. This is our way of assuring a proactive, real-time relationship with those in our community.

Those in our Coaching community will experience the care and connection necessary to stay healthy, effective, and resilient. The implementation and ongoing support will include but not limited to the following elements:

  • Confidential individual meetings with a qualified behavioral health coach
  • Weekly individual meetings for the first month client is on assignment or in current position
  • Individual meetings that may be used upon request per calendar year
  • Quarterly resiliency newsletter
  • Pre-field evaluations and individual preparation training (For Church planters, missionaries and aid workers)
  • Debriefing and re-entry evaluations and individual preparation training(For missionaries and aid workers)
  • Continued individual care after return from field assignment(For missionaries and aid workers)
  • Online resources developed for self care